Best Fingerprint Gun Safe Review 2021

If you are looking for the best gun safe on the market, particularly the best fingerprint gun safe, then you have come to the right place. With the advent of fingerprints, it is now more secure to keep anything more securely. 

When it comes to gun safes, you would want a gun safe that can only be opened by you or authorize and hence, the need for fingerprint gun safes. In this list, you will see the best biometric handgun safes and a list of fingerprint gun safes you can find easily on Amazon.

1. Best Fingerprint Nightstand Gun Safe.

The Vaultek Slider Series Rugged Smart Handgun Safeis the best fingerprint nightstand gun safe if you are looking for a convenient nightstand gun safe. It can take both pistols and revolvers.  It comes with a good fingerprint scanner and does not require any special installation before it can be used.

Pros: It can take in both magazines and other accessories you may want to fit in.

Cons: This safe will not be able to accommodate big guns.

2. Best Fingerprint Drawer Gun Safe.

Our pick for the best fingerprint drawer gun safe is the Stanley Solid Steel Biometric Safe. The safe comes pretty light so that it can fit into your drawer without any hassle. It also has three options that you can use to access it: fingerprint, PIN, and a key. This makes it hard for you to get locked out. This Moutec Quick Access Handgun Safe for Home is a good alternative as the Stanley safe is not available now.

Pros: The door does not open sideways but opens up so you can reach your guns easily.

Cons: It is not very secure when compared to other fingerprint safes.

3. Stack-on Fingerprint Gun Safe.

 If you have always been wondering who makes the best gun safes, then the answer is Stack-on. Their Stack-on PDS 500 is the best stack-on fingerprint gun safe as it allows you to grab your gun quickly. This Stack-on safe can take other items as well.

Pros: Safe is suitable for anyone who is looking for quality on a budget.

Cons: It hangs sometimes and might present some difficulty opening.

4. Best Fingerprint Bedside Gun Safe.

GunVault MiniVault Quick Access Compact Gun Safe comes with a keypad and fingerprint scanner to provide double security. This best fingerprint bedside gun safe was made with different mounting options so that you can place it wherever you want it.

Pros: It is heavily built with steel, making it very secure.

Cons: Some users have complained that it easy for unauthorized people to gain access.

5. Best Gun Safe With Fingerprint Scanner And Recognition.

All the gun safes listed here are biometric gun safes, but the Verifi Smart Biometric Gun Safe stands out from the rest in terms of its fingerprint sensor. This is one of the best gun safe with fingerprint scanner and recognition. It also consumes a small amount of power, making it great for long-distance journeys.  

Pros: It has a very sensitive fingerprint sensor which works effectively

Cons: Since it has no backup, there is no other way to access the safe if you have issues with your fingers.

6. Best Small Fingerprint Gun Safe.

Looking for the best small fingerprint gun safe? The V-line 2597-s Desk Mate Keyless Security Gun Safe is a small yet powerful gun safe. It can accommodate various sizes of handguns easily. This safe comes with mounting brackets that make it easy for you to mount and unmount it.

Pros: It has a solid build with locks as added security

Cons: It cannot be placed on just any surface as it requires a firm surface

7. Best Fingerprint Under Bed Gun Safe.

Sometimes, you may want to hide your gun safe, preferably under your bed. You should choose the Barska AX13498 Biometric Safe. This gun safe is one of the best fingerprint under bed gun safe. It has a good design that makes it discreet for hiding. The interior is lined with a carpet material to protect your ammo.

Pros: It comes with a certified fire rating.

Cons: The bolts can be a bit of a problem sometimes.

8. Best Fingerprint Car Gun Safe.

Gunbox 2.0 is the best fingerprint car gun safe because of its unique design. It has a sleek and compact design that enables you to put it in any part of your car. It can also be easily carried about on short trips.

Pros: It lets out a loud alarm when anyone tries to break into it.

Cons: The fingerprint is not dependable in some models.

9. Best Single Fingerprint Gun Safe.

If you are on the hunt for the best single fingerprint gun safe, an excellent model to purchase is the SentrySafe Pistol Safe QAP1BE. This safe opens up smoothly and discreetly.

Pros: It has numerous options for access apart from the fingerprint scanner.

Cons: On some occasions, it can lag and might not open quickly.

10. Best Fingerprint Lock Gun Safe.

The Locksaf Biometric Pistol Safe is a quick and sensitive safe that comes with a good lock system, making it a good fingerprint wall gun safe. It is the best fingerprint lock gun safe as it can record up to 10 fingerprints simultaneously. The Locksaf Biometric Pistol Safe is currently unavailable but the Viking Security Safe VS-20BLX Mini Biometric Safe serves as a good substitute.

Pros: Comes with foam to protect the safe’s interior.

Cons: The fingerprint sensor sometimes presents issues.

Why Do You Need Gun Safes?

If you think of the safety of those around you, you will see that gun safe is very important to protect them. These safes also prevent thieves and burglars from getting access to your ammunition and valuables. 

They can also function as safe security lockboxes. Digital fingerprint gun safes, like the ones above, can give you the level of security in your car, home, office, or anywhere you are.


This list of best fingerprint gun safes was compiled to show you the best fingerprint safes at a glance and where you can buy fingerprint gun safes online. We recommend each of the above as the best Biometric/fingerprint lock gun safes in their fields. We hope you enjoyed this article and would keep this in mind when going gun safe shopping.

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