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SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock Safe

As technologies get cheaper, biometric gun safes are becoming more commonplace these days. This has created a bit of a problem for modern buyers. More and more of them are unsure about which biometric safes to invest in. So here we list out the best biometric gun safes of 2021. Think of this as a reference guide to biometric gun safes. 

These biometric gun safes feature high-resolution fingerprint readers. They can be easily set up and used to gain access to your safe.  

Long Gun Safe

Here we list out the top and bottom range of the biometric long gun safe. The Steelwater safes are some of the best biometric long gun safes in the market. Yet, if you are on a tight budget needing a safe that performed well in most scenarios, the Mountec would do just fine. 

Steelwater 22 Long Safe

This Steelwater 22 Long Safe ($2195) is a heavy-duty, fireproof safe designed for people owning serious firepower. 

They are extremely rugged. This safe has a 9 gauge thick steel body and a steel reinforced composite door. The door features a sophisticated EMP proof biometric keypad lock, with many re-locking units. In a nutshell, when it comes to safety this safe exceeds, even the California DOJ standards for long gun safes.


Offers fire protection for 2 hours at 1875 degrees Fahrenheit.

The internal shelves are steel reinforced, and adjustable. The safe ships with internal lighting, dehumidifier and a power outlet. 


This safe doesn’t ship to all US pin codes, so please check before ordering yours. 

Moutec Biometric Long Rifle Safe

The Moutec Biometric Long Rifle Safe ($339.99) is possibly the best bang for buck for a long gun safe below the $500 mark. 

This safe can easily store up to 7 long guns and other valuables. And at a height of 57 inches, it is also ideal for placing inside a standard closet. The safe can be instantly accessed via the fingerprint reader, key code or an override key.  


The safe is made out of 14 gauge carbon steel. It also features a 1.75 inch thick front door with 5 solid steel locking bolts, anti-pry bars, and ruggedized interior hinges.

There is an additional lockbox inside the safe for storing handguns, ammo and other general items. 


Moutec could have included a door organizer as an accessory. 

Car Gun Safe

Having a firearm securely stored on the go is a crucial requirement for a lot of firearm owners. There are various car gun safe types, some are compact and slide under a car seat or glove box during travels. Others, have a sliding mechanism and work best mounted on the inside body of a car for quick access. 

Here’s a list of the best car gun safes out here in the market today. 

VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Car Gun Safe

If you wish to carry your handgun safe with you at all times, the best one we can suggest is the VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Car Gun Safe ($269.99). 

This safe is great for people visiting the range often, or someone who keeps a firearm in their car for safety. It can carry a wide range of pistol sizes and extra ammo. 

Most importantly the VAULTEK VT20i is a smart safe. It can be controlled by your smartphone and have all kinds of interesting features. 


This safe has a high resolution biocentric scanner that can store up to 20 fingerprints. It also has a secondary keypad lock mechanism. 

The safe is very portable or can be anchored using mounting hardware and a 4 foot long security cable. And it meets all TSA airline firearm guidelines. 


The internal battery needs recharging from time to time, which can be a little annoying. 

LANGGER V Biometric Slider Car Gun Safe

Our pick for the best fingerprint gun safe for car use is the LANGGER V Biometric Slider Car Gun Safe ($189.99).

They say good things come in small packages. That is true for this gun safe, its slim vertical design stores inconspicuously in a vehicle. Depending on your car type, the safe can be mounted in various configurations.

The fingerprint reader and the 4-key pad give instant access to your firearm in case of an emergency. 


16 gauge steel construction, includes a single anti-impact latch that keeps the safe locked under impact.


Might not be able to accommodate full size handguns.

Wall Gun Safe

Viking Security Wall Gun Safe (VS-52BLX)

The Viking Security Wall Gun Safe (VS-52BLX) ($249.97) is a highly rated wall gun safe. With four pre-drilled holes and anchor bolts the safe is relatively easy to mount on the wall. Plus, its size is small enough to hide this safe inside any closet, but big enough to store ample valuables inside. 

The safe has a biometric scanner and a keypad for fast and reliable access. Which is great at this price point. Plus it features two motorized 20 mm deadbolts and an extra thick 5 mm door for added security.


This safe costs the same but has more internal volume than its previous models.

The interiors of the safe are carpeted and it ships with three fully adjustable shelves.  There is also a LED light panel.


Installation is a big challenges with a wall safe. So make sure you actually need it before buying one.


Biometric gun safes are only as good as their scanner technology. Thus as this technology becomes more accessible, the market has flooded with cheap biometric gun safes. 

We believe you should always strike the right balance between price and quality when it comes to biometric safes. The safes listed in this article do just that. That’s why we have avoided a lot of cheaper listings and focused on quality and features. 

Hope it helps you find the right safe. 


What is a biometric gun safe?

A biometric gun safe is a safe that uses biometric scanners for granting access to its interiors.  

Who makes the best biometric gun safe?

In our opinion, for low-end biometric gun safes, Barska Fire Safe Vaults is a good choice. For high-end models, Steelwater or Winchester Gun Safes are a great option.

What is the best small biometric gun safe?

In our opinion, the best small biometric gun safes are: 

What is the best biometric gun safe?

According to us, the best biometric gun safes are:

What is the difference between biometric and fingerprint gun safe?

For most gun safes, there is no difference between a biometric and fingerprint gun safe. 

However, high-end industrial models might have advanced biometric technologies such as voice recognition or retinal scanners. 


How to set up a biometric sentry safe for a gun?

It is advised to choose a finger without any cuts or scars. Make sure to clean and dry your hand before following these steps. Also, clean your safe’s fingerprint scanner regularly for optimal performance. 

Step 1: Enter using factory key code

Start with a closed safe, enter the factory code [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 1 ]. After the safe opens within 10 seconds, pre and hold keypad 1 for 3 seconds. 

Step 2: Scan your finger

Once the LED light flashes purple 2 times, the safe is ready to accept your fingerprint. Place your desired finger on the scanner.

Step 3: Let it register

Once the LED light turns green, remove your finger from the scanner.

Step 4: Scan your finger second time

Once the LED light turns blue, place the same finger back on the scanner and wait for the LED light to turn green once again. 

Step 5: Repeat the scan

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 at least 3 times to complete primary fingerprint enrolment successfully. 

Note: You can repeat Steps 1 to 5 again for enrolling a second primary fingerprint. 

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