Best Fingerprint Gun Safe Review 2021

If you are in the market for a good gun safe, in this list we review the best fingerprint gun safes of 2021.

Fingerprint gun safes are an ideal choice to get high security and quick access to your firearms. With biometric technology being relatively cheap, you can find an affordable gun safe quite easily. 

Bedside Gun Safe

Vaultek Slider Gun Safe

According to us the Vaultek Slider Gun Safe ($299.99) is the best nightstand fingerprint gun safe. It’s design allows it to be mounted very discreetly onto your nightstand. 

The fingerprint scanner on the VAULTEK Slider is also very reliable. Plus, the safe also features Bluetooth connection to pair up with your phone.


The phone application provides a complete safe management system, which is very handy.


This safe can only accommodate one full size handgun.

BARSKA AX11556 Biometric Gun Safe

Our pick for the best fingerprint gun safe for drawer use is going to be the BARSKA AX11556 Biometric Gun Safe ($259.99). The safe is quite spacious and very impressive when it comes to safety. It features steel construction, tamper-resistant edges, and 2 built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolts.

That makes it ideal for a drawer safe, where you can store not only firearms, but also other valuables. The fingerprint reader is also top class at this price point. 


The top door has a hydraulic assist, allowing for silent operation.


BARSKA could have included a keypad along with the fingerprint reader.

RPNB Gun Safe

The RPNB Gun Safe ($199.99) gets out vote for the best bedside fingerprint gun safe. This stylist safe is not only affordable, but also covers everything you look for in a bedside gun safe. 

This safe has two storage decks for efficient organization of firearms and valuables. Which can be accessed independently of each other. It features 3 way access, with an easily programmable fingerprint lock, 2 sets of backlit keypads and 2 override keys. 


Safety features include a pry-resistant door, dual-layer steel housing, and a welded steel body.


Nothing bad to say about this safe! At this price point it packs a punch.

Small Gun Safe

Verifi Smart Biometric Gun Safe

The Verifi Smart Biometric Gun Safe ($ 342.78) stands out from the rest for its fingerprint sensor. This gun safe features one of the best fingerprint scanners in the market today. Thus we choose this to be our pick for the best biometric gun safe for office use. 

The safe also performs regular self checks and keeps tamper logs. It also features various alerts for various functions, which makes it perfect for office use.


This safe is probably the only safe that has an FBI certified fingerprint sensor. So you can store not just firearms but jewelry, important papers and other valuables with complete peace of mind. 


They could have included a simple key pad access method as well. 

SentrySafe QAP1BLX

Finally, our pick for the all-purpose small gun fingerprint gun safe has got to be the SentrySafe QAP1BLX ($168.18). This safe offers pretty much everything that small gun owners expect from a safe. 

Its construction is sturdy, the design is sleek, the fingerprint scanner is reliable and it has multiple modes of entry. Plus, it is compact but spacious enough to store a handgun a couple of magazines. 

Most importantly, it is priced way below the $200 range, which is amazing!


The interior has a light, foam lining and, ships with a bolt down kit which is very handy. 

You can also get a 2 handgun model by just paying $20. 


The opening hinge mechanism takes a few seconds to fully open to its max position.

Home Gun Safe

VAULTEK MX Series High Capacity Safe

One of the best home gun safes out there today is the VAULTEK MX Series High Capacity Safe ($599.99) is a smart gun safe designed for home use. The smart safe can linkup over Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and that sets this safe apart from others by a mile!  

The VAULTEK’s size is perfect for residential/office use and more. It can store an arsenal of 8 handguns and ammunition! That’s a lot for your usual home safe.  But the safe doesn’t compromise on safety. It is constructed out of solid 14 gauge carbon steel, and features 12 gauge pry-resistant doors.


Smart safe, with a lot of smart features including an LCD display screen.

Features high-resolution biometric scanner. The safe also comes with a smart key, which allows the user to single press entry within a 10-meter radius. 

The safe ships with a 2 pistol rack and a top shelf. Interiors can be customized by more accessories, some of which are sold separately.  


Users have complained about the Wi-Fi version of the safe being a bit glitchy. 


We really tried to cover all the possible requirements that a gun owner might have. That’s why this list is so exhaustive, and it should help you decide the right kind of fingerprint gun safe. 

In conclusion we would like to say, be mindful of your own needs before buying a gun safe. That would help you narrow down the kind of safe you really need. Happy shopping! 

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