8 Long Gun Safes that cover all bases

SnapSafe Super Titan XXL Modular Gun Safe 

It doesn’t matter if your long gun is a valuable collectible or a regular use hunting tool. The basic tenant of responsible gun ownership is where you store it.

Given the wide variety of options in the market, we have identified eight safes that we believe cover all the bases. Helping you make the right decision.

These long gun safes, recommended in this list, range from Top of the Line to more standard affordable versions. No matter your storage needs, we think you will find a safe that suits you. 

Top of the Line Long Gun Safes

SnapSafe Super Titan XXL Modular Gun Safe 

Top of the line doesn’t get any better than this! 

The SnapSafe Super Titan XXL Modular Gun Safe ($3299.99) requires a 53-foot, 18 wheeler semi-truck to deliver. However, its modular construction allows the long gun safe to be assembled anywhere in the house with the help of just a few friends. 

The Titan XXL can easily accommodate over 50 long guns, and the fully adjustable shelving creates spacious storage options for other items. It is also the best in class, when it comes to fire resistance, so your can store valuables other than you guns, with complete peace of mind. 


The security provided by this safe is impressive. It features a 3/16 inch solid steel door, which locks in place with fourteen, 1 inch chrome steel live locking bolts. The safe offers total protection against sledgehammers and pry-bars. The exterior walls of the Super Titan XXL are made out of 9 gauge thick 2-ply steel, rated to withstand over 2300 F for 1 hour. 


Given its size, this safe is not designed to provide quick access to the contents inside. Also, at this price point, we would have liked to see some additional features such as, a motion sensing interior light or a safe option to run power inside the safe.

Stack-On TD-40-SB-E-S Total Defense

The Stack-On TD-40-SB-E-S Total Defense ($2700) might sound like a mouthful but, this long gun safe packs quite a punch. 

The safe can store up to 40 long guns, or a combination of guns and other storage. It comes with five adjustable shelves, barrel rest, small gun holsters, velcro strips and a collection of bags attached to the door. This allows you to customize the internal volume of the safe as per your storage needs. 

With this safe, you get exactly what you pay for. The Stack-On Total Defense is a fireproof safe, and can withstand upwards of 1400 F for 75 minutes. The safe is also waterproof in up to 2 feet of standing water. 


For maximum safely, the drill-resistant cast iron door has seven, 1.5 inch live action locking bolts and three 1 inch dead bolts, for a total of 10 locking points!The fully adjustable internals is a very well-thought-out feature, from the perspective of long gun owners. It allows equally good storage for modular systems as well as longer guns.


The weight (580 pounds) is an issue during installation, since the safe is not modular in construction. It will require some external modification to install the safe securely to a spot.

Winchester – Big Daddy Safe

Winchester - Big Daddy Safe

The Winchester – Big Daddy Safe ($2105) is another ideal option for those looking to store a fair bit of weaponry. The safe has a fire rating of 75 minutes at 1400 F and can store up to 42 long guns. 

This long gun safe is made out of 12 gauge steel, constructed using continuous robotic welds. It also features a 3-way active locking bolt system with fourteen 1.5 inch solid steel bolts, including top/bottom locking bolts for added pry resistance. 

Adding to the impressive list of features, this long gun safe ships with a white motion-sensing LED light kit, and a door panel organizer with ammo bags and holsters. Both of which, we believe, are extremely helpful features to have for a long gun owner.


The Big Daddy come with a stylish but serious EMP resistant electronic lock, with a backlit key-pad to provide quick access.


The Winchester Big Daddy Safe is not waterproof! So, it definitely makes sense to put the safe away from areas prone to flooding. 

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Quick Access Long Gun Safes

Hornady RAPiD Safe Ready Vault

Hornady RAPiD Safe Ready Vault

If quick access is the key criteria for your long gun safe, nothing would beat the Hornady RAPiD Safe Ready Vault ($978.98). 

Hornady is a company that has popularized touch free access, with their unique RFID locking technology. This system allows uses to access the contents of their safes without the potential glitches of a biometric system, or the human factor involved in an electronic key pad type lock. 

This safe is also different that most, when it comes to the storage system inside. The Ready Vault features metal peg walls instead of shelves. This allows the included gun racks to be mounted in numerous configurations. We feel this type of storage system offers the most flexibility in storing long guns. 


The biggest pro is the RFID locking system, which can be opened using RFID-cards, key fobs, arm-bands or decals. All of these options are also included in the package.The safe is conveniently designed to fit inside any standard closet. It also comes in 2 sizes, a full size and a compact model. 


The safe features 5 locking lugs, instead of steel bolts. This technically offers the safe less protection against prying attacks. 

Baraska AX11780 Security Safe

Hornady RAPiD Safe Ready Vault

We believe the Baraska AX11780 Security Safe ($769.99) is one of the best biometric, quick access long gun safes out there in the market today. 

Voted as the #1 biometric module in its class, the Baraska AX11780’s optical fingerprint scanner can scan your finger from any position. This feature is especially helpful during a high street situation where you are trying to access the contents of the safe as quickly as possible. Other than that, the safe comes quipped with a 5 point locking system and tamper-resistant edges. 


Many safes have too many internal shelves and racks. This safe simply comes with one removable 16 position rack, and just three removable shelves. This makes organization inside the safe less cluttered compares to some other safes. Ships with a variety of mounting hardware, which is very useful.


At this price point, the safe should have been constructed out of a bit heavier gauge of steel, to offer a bit more protection.

Cheap Long Gun Safes

Moutec Quick Access Fingerprint Long Gun Safe

If your budget only allows for a long gun safe below the $500 mark, then you will not get a better value for money than the Moutec Quick Access Fingerprint Long Gun Safe ($339.99). 

Even at this low price point, this long gun safe can actually be defined as a safe. It is constructed out of 14 gauge steel body, and features an even thicker carbon steel door with 5 steel locking bolts. 

The new and improved biometric unit with a built-in proximity sensor is more reliable. The safe also allows quick access through a keypad and an override key.  


The dedicated lock box inside the safe is a nice touch for storing small guns and other valuables. Offers the most storage area in its class, can store up to 7 rifles.


This safe will offer next to no protection against fire. But you can make it fire resistant by lining the insides of the safe with some gypsum boards or other fire proof materials.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 

Baraska AX11780 Security Safe

The Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 ($312) will provide effective storage for up to 4 rifles, without breaking the bank. 

Tamper resistant steel and a pry-proof door with 3 deadbolts also offer decent protection against most home invasion scenarios. 

The biometric module is of high quality and can store up to 120 fingerprints. It also features a silent mode and allows quick access within 2.5 seconds.  


Just above 4 feet tall, the safe has a sleek design and can fit seamlessly anywhere inside your home without being too much of an eyesore. The safe ships will tons of options to mount it on walls or bolting it to floors. 


The internal volume of 1.83 cubit feet will only allow storage of 2 long guns with mounted optics.

Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS Tactical Cabinet

Finally, we have the cheapest long gun safe on our list. 

Although it would be wrong to call the Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS Tactical Cabinet ($268.50) a gun safe. It is more like a gun locker, but a good one at that! 

The gun cabinet has two special racks for storing tactical weapons, and another 14 rifles and shotguns can be accommodated on either side. 

The sheet metal construction of the Stack-On Tactical Cabinet will provide decent protection against theft, but won’t be able to overcome planned attacks. 


The locking system is particularly noteworthy, featuring a double bitted key coded cylinder lock. The gun safe also comes with easy mounting points for installation on drywalls.


It is not a safe, so it offers not fire, water or pry resistance. But, it will do a decent job keeping your firearms away from loved ones and unwanted access. 

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The best way to go about storing long guns is to properly identify your storage requirements first. Or else, you might end up with an expensive overkill, rather than a reliable storage solution that fits your needs. 

Hopefully this list helped you find that perfect safe, just for you! 

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