5 Quick Access Small Gun Safes for everyday needs

Sentrysafe QAP1BE

If you are in the market for a small gun safe that doesn’t compromise on safety, then you are in the right place! Here we list out 5 small gun safes with different features, which are worth your consideration, no matter the size of your wallet. With fireproof construction, quick access, and sturdy locking mechanisms, these gun safes are perfect for storing your small firearms away from prying eyes! 

Biometric Gun safes are equipped with fingerprint locks to allow smooth and quick access to your gun. They come in various shapes and sizes, and some can store up to 30 fingerprints in their memory bank. 

There are many low cost options out there, but here are 3, that we think are the best in the market. They are not the cheapest, but they offer value for money. Plus, we believe you should not compromise on quality when it comes to storing firearms.  

Sentrysafe QAP1BE

SentrySafe’s QAP1BE is a perfect companion for people who are looking for a nondescript yet secure way to store their handgun. It has an internal volume of .08 cubic feet, which is ample for storing any standard handgun. 

The SentrySafe QAP1BE, is also designed with a compression gas strut for single-handed access, allowing for fast and quiet access to your handgun when you need it most. 

The construction of the safe is sturdy, and the fingerprint lock is easy to set up and quick to operate with just a single swipe of your finger. The safe also features a four key digital keypad, and is equipped with an override key, for convenient backup access. At US$168.78, it is an affordable bedside gun safe, ideal for those who are looking to securely store their loaded self defense handgun away from children, maids or any other unauthorized access.


Stylishly designed exterior perfect for bedside or tabletop storage. The safe can also be mounted on walls with hard points.The fingerprint lock combined with the keypad is a nice feature allowing for built in redundancies, if one mechanism fails.


The internal volume of the base model is too small, you have to pay over US$ 65 more for a model that can accommodate more than 1 handgun. The compression gas strut on the door is known to give some problems, and sometimes a push is required to fully open the door.

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Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault

If you are searching for a sturdy, heavy-duty biometric handgun safe below US$ 250, you should look no further than the Liberty HDX-250. Made out of 14 gauge steel, the Liberty HDX-250’s door has built-in anti-pry tabs and a reinforced latch system specifically designed to resist attempts to gain entry.

Liberty’s 5th Generation biometric finger swipe technology allows access to the gun safe within 1 second when utilizing the AC adapter or just under 2 seconds when using a 9v battery. Both of which are thoughtfully included in the package. 

The Smart Vault feature allows the fingerprint lock to store up to 15 fingerprints, and illuminate the interiors when the door is open. HDX-250 is suited to secure all more than one standard handgun and other valuables. 


Liberty has invested in developing a fingerprint lock system that is probably the most reliable biometric entry system available in the market. Thus, it is easy to set up, and with a very low fail rate, it is one of the smoothest to operate.The safe is compact, but big enough to store more than one handgun, magazines, ammo and a few other valuables.


The speed at which the door opens can sometimes be a problem for this safe. If placed on a table, the door would definitely slam and create a loud noise unless the tabletop is padded. This seems like a slight extra effort on the user’s part while installing that safe, but it’s a con nonetheless.

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Baraska AX11556


Baraska AX11556

At US$ 259.99 the Baraska AX11556 is the most expensive gun safe on our list, but it is also the most spacious and advanced gun safe out of the three. With an internal volume of .23 cubic feet, you can easily store more than one handgun, multiple magazines, ammo and other valuables. 

The fingerprint lock is not the fastest in the market, but can store up to 30 different fingerprints and usually takes about 2.5 seconds to open. Plus it has the ability to read fingerprints from any direction. Which is a useful feature, as you don’t have to think about lining up your finger perfectly to gain quick access.  

The top door of the AX11556 is designed to be best used from inside a standard size drawer or tabletop. The entire safe is constructed out of 16 gauge steel providing that extra bit of protection from unwanted entry. It also features 2 deadbolts to make the safe, pry-proof. 


Easy to use fingerprint lock system for quick access, that can store multiple fingerprints. The value for money with this gun safe is great, as it offers the most internal volume, and high quality construction for a reasonable price. 


The size might be an issue for some people, who are only looking to store one handgun and a couple of magazines. Plus, if you do not have a standard bedside drawer, then you ming need to modify it for the safe’s door to fully open upwards. The door alarm is very loud and can cause quite a stir if you forget to lock the safe immediately after use. 

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Our Top Picks for Car Gun Safes

To be honest, most small gun safes can be used inside a vehicle. But with all of them, you would have to compromise somewhat, on the usability and quick access front. Thus, a gun safe specifically designed for a car is a good investment for those who like to carry their firearm wherever they go.

Our pick is probably the most reliable car gun safe system out there in the market today. 

Hornady RAPid Vehicle Safe

Hornady RAPid Vehicle Safe

There are many small gun safes designed for home use that can be used in cars, but we prefer a safe that is specifically deigned for vehicular use. Especially if you can find one for less than US$250! 

The Hornady RAPid Vehicle Safe is custom designed to give touch-free, quick access to a handgun inside a vehicle using RFID Cards, key fobs or arm-bands. The safe comes with a unique mounting system that inflates, conforming to a vehicle’s shape thus, not requiring any modifications to your car. 

The side on mounting presents the firearm outward, making it easily accessible from a driving position. This safe is clearly made keeping in mind the user’s ease of access to their hand gun while on the go. It features a six key, keypad and an override key as redundant systems in case of an emergency. The gun safe also comes with a heavy duty lock-down security cable that can attach the safe to any stationary object inside the car.


Designed keeping car use in mind, thus nothing can beat the RFID quick access capabilities of this small gun safe. You also have to option to use multiple RFID systems to gain entry as per your convenience. The mounting system is very easy to use, allowing the gun safe to be moved from one car to another without any hassle. 


AC power is provided through a 12 volt car adapter, so the RFID reader can only work when the car is on. Although this can be substituted with battery backup but, it’s a con nonetheless.The size of the RAPiD Vehicle Safe can be a problem for some who use large handguns, like the Beretta 92X or the Smith & Wesson M&P. This safe is more suited for compact 9 mm handguns.

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Cheap Gun Safes

Finally, we have the cheapest small gun safe of our list so far. In this price range, you cannot get any better than the one we have selected. 

Liberty HD-50

Liberty HD-50

At US$ 29.99, the Liberty HD-50 is probably the most compact small gun safe in the market out there. Because of its price, it lacks more advanced features, but it does the basics just right. 

The Liberty HD-50 is essentially a lock box with special design features, making it a perfect compact gun safe that can be used at home or, on the go. You can literally throw it inside your backpack or your car’s glove box, and rest assured that you hand gun is safe and secure. The safe is constructed out of 16 gauge steel, and there are extra anti pry features added to the lock as well. The insides have two tier foam inserts, making it perfect for securing handguns without scratching or damaging them.

What’s more, the safe is not only big enough to store any standard handgun, but can also, fit ones with extended magazines. You can also fit in a couple of extra magazines on top of your handgun.


The value for money of this product is exceptional. You cannot find a better small gun safe at this price point! The internal dimensions are big enough for most standard handguns, despite the overall package being so compact.


We were really hard-pressed to find any cons for this product. But the mechanical locking system is known to give some problems every now and then. And if you loose the key, there is no way to gain access to the HD-50. You will have to order a replacement key from Liberty. 

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