Car Gun Safes that make firearm storage easy!

VAULTEK Slider Series Smart Handgun Safe

Having a dedicated storage option for you weapons in your car, can be a very good idea. 

If you are an amateur user, it’s a great way to carry your guns to the range or for hunting. On the other hand, if you are a user with high self-defense needs, quick access to a weapon inside the vehicle is absolutely essential.  

In this list, we cover a wide range of automotive gun storage options. No matter if you wish to have discreet access to your handguns, or store many long guns, we’ve got your back.

Also, stick until the end, as we have two bonus storage options for you as well! 

Quick Access Car Gun Safes

Let’s start with small guns first. If your primary requirement is quick access to a handgun for self defense needs. Then these options are perfect for you. 

VAULTEK Slider Series Smart Handgun Safe

The Vaultek Slider Series ($349.99) is the only smart safe in the automotive gun safe market. It is a sleek and fast gun safe, able to deliver your stowed handgun within fractions of a second.  

The Slider series comes with both bluetooth and Wi-Fi options. Offering the ability to manage your safe’s settings and monitor its security.

In case this was not enough, the safe also features a fingerprint lock for even quicker access. 


Given it is a smart safe, the ability to control it via your an app on your phone is extremely convenient. 

Plus, the safe ships with a mounting plate, which allows you mount the safe anywhere, inside your car or at home! 


The safe is not specifically designed for cars, so you might have to mess around a bit to find the perfect spot to mount.

Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe

Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe

The best in its class, the Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe ($219.49) is designed specifically for car use. This makes this safe universal for any type of car. 

The safe’s unique inflatable bladder mounting system allows you to secure your gun near the driver’s. It also makes moving the safe from one spot to another very easy. 

The RAPiD Vehicle Safe features Hornady’s proprietary RFID locking system. This is gives you the option to use tags, bands, stickers, all sorts of things to get access to your safe. 


The mounting system for this safe is a big plus, and ideal for automotive use. 

Also, comes with a 1500 lbs rated security cable for attaching to the seat frame.


Can’t be used to store an oversized handgun.

Car Long Gun Gun Safes

If you wish to store long guns in your car. Then, you would have to go for a trunk safe. These safes will easily take care of all your long gun storage needs. 

SnapSafe Trunk Safe II


SnapSafe Trunk Safe II

The SnapSafe Trunk Safe II ($539.98) is a great way to protect and store your long gun while on the road. This trunk safe comfortably fits inside most cars, SUVs and trucks. 

The safe comes with a simple 3 to 8 key digital keypad for quick and reliable access to your guns. It also had an override key in case of emergencies. The pry resistant door also features hydraulic arms on either side for quiet access. 


Features padded floor mat and four pre-drilled holes for permanent installation.

Rugged construction with 13 guage steel body and 6 guage steel door. 


The depth of the safe could have been a bit more. That way it could accommodate more than 2 scoped rifle could. However, this should not be a problem for most users. 

Monster Vault Dual Lock Car Safe

The Monster Vault Dual Lock is an excellent option for those looking to store multiple long guns in their cars. With a depth of over 25 inches, it is the biggest car trunk gun safe out there. 

This car gun safe is big enough to fit more than one fully scoped rifles, handguns and other valuable items. Plus, the all steel double walled construction provides enough protection to you firearms.

It features a standard electronic keypad lock that can open the safe in under 2 seconds! 


Its size is definitely a big plus for this car gun safe. 

Carpeted interiors for the protection of your firearms. 


That same size does not allow it to fit inside some cars. Please check all measurements before buying. 

Du-Ha Squad Box ($929.06)


Du-Ha Squad Box

The Du-Ha Squad Box ($929.06) is not really a gun safe, but a more massive lock box! 

It is an all-purpose storage unit that is designed to fit inside all kinds of cars, SUVs, Jeeps and Trucks. 

The Du-Hu Squad Box is considered a legal gun case in most states. It will also accommodate four AR-15 style long guns, up to 38 inches long. 


The Squad Box is extremely portable. With a 4 wheel transport arrangement, it is super easier to move around. 

The Squad Box ships with organizers/dividers/gun racks, two removable trays. This makes storage a piece of cake!


Being a portable lock box, it does not offer the best anti-theft protection. But then again, it is sufficient for most car theft scenarios. 

Bonus Car Gun Safes (Long & Small Guns)

Tuffy 307-01 Under Seat Lockbox ($373.58)


Tuffy 307-01 Under Seat Lockbox

Finally, we have a bonus car gun storage option for you, that does not require you to carry around a trunk safe.

The Tuffy 307-01 Lockbox ($373.58) is a compact and easy way to lock away your firearms under the seat of your truck. 

This way of storing firearms in your car is also very discreet. Since you can’t see the lockbox once the seats are down! 


The lock box has two lids. This allows for quick access without having to raise the entire seat section. 

The safe is very spacious and can store a lot of other items, along with full-sized long guns. 


This lock box can only fit inside the crew cab of a 4 door truck. 

Lock’er Down Console Safe*

Lock'er Down Console Safe

*Note: This model is designed for the Ford F150 & Expedition trucks, but you can find one that fits your car as well.  

The final option that we would suggest to discreetly store a firearm in your car, is a center console safe. 

The Lock’er Down Console Safe ($309) is a quick and easy way to replace your car’s center console with a handgun safe. Plus, it is definitely the most discreet way to store your handgun inside your car. 

The safe features a simple 4 digit combination lock and is made out of 12 guage rolled steel. 


The Lock’er Down safe only features the lid part, so there is no need to put in a bulky vault inside your center console. 

Perfectly designed to prevent from smash and grab type of theft. 


These console safes are car specific, so you will have to find the one that suits the model of your car. 


As you can see, there are various options to store firearms inside your car. Ultimately, it will depend on your use case. 

You should identify and rank your requirements before purchasing a car gun safe. For example, if you primary need is quick access, then a trunk safe might not be the best bet for you. 

Depending on your use case, you might have to make some compromises. But we would like to think that with this list, we have got you covered! 

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