The Best Bedside Gun Safe Reviews 2021

YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe

We understand how serious home defense can be. So, being able to store a weapon next to your bed is very important. You want to be able to store them securely but also, access them quickly when needed. 

Keeping that in mind, here we have compiled a list of, what we believe, to be the best bedside gun safes that money can buy! 

Bedside Small Gun Safes

YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe

YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe ($997.97) features the most advanced fingerprint lock in our list. This small-gun safe collects over 25000  spots for each fingerprint, making it very reliable for home defense scenarios. 

The internals are big enough to store a standard handgun and an extra magazine. The safe can be conveniently mounted on the wall next to your bed. Allowing for quick access to a firearm in case of emergency.


The safe also features a simple keypad, which can function independently or in conjunction with the fingerprint lock. 


Not much to say, but we would have liked to see a couple of live locking bolts at this price point. 

Longhorn LNS2618 Nightstand

Longhorn LNS2618 Nightstand

Definitely the most stylish looking bedside gun safe on our list. The Longhorn LNS2618 ($818) acts as a replacement for your nightstand, while doubling as a small gun safe. 

The safe is built out of 14 gauge steel, and the door features four 1 inch bolts. Because it is a nightstand, the safe comes with a heavy-duty drawer on top as well. 


This is one of the few bedside safes that is fireproof. Able to withstand 40 minutes in temperatures of 1400 degree F. 

The Longhorn also features a convenient handgun holder on the door for easy storage. 


The drawer doesn’t have any locking mechanism, so it cannot be used to store valuables.  

Vaultek MXi

Vaultek MXi

The most advanced gun safe on our list by a country mile! Vaultek MXi ($599.99) is a smart gun safes designed specifically for bedside use. It connects to your Wi-Fi and can be operated using your phone.  

The safe is big enough to fit under any nightstand next to you bed, and can store up to 8 handguns. Despite all the smart features, the safe-makers didn’t compromise on the construction. It is made out of solid 14 gauge carbon steel, and features pry resistant doors as well! 


The safe has customizable interiors and it comes with two pistol racks. This is a very nice feature, as it allows quick access to your handguns. 

The safe also comes with a smart key, which allows the user single press entry within a 10-meter radius. 


With any smart safe, you are susceptible to digital attacks. But, you can take the safe completely offline and simply use the keypad for quick access. 

SentrySafe EF4738E

At a height of approximately 3 feet, the SentrySafe EF4738E ($543.58) can be easily placed next to your bed. The internal volume of 4.71 cubic feet also makes it one of the biggest safe in our list. 

The safe is fireproofed up to half an hour and waterproof up to 72 hours. It also has 5 live-locking bolts and 4 deadbolts for maximum anti-theft protection. 


The safe already comes with mounting holes to secure it on the floor. 

The interiors are completely carpeted and shelves can re-arranged according to your needs. 


 It is a bit on the heavier side, so plan for it accordingly. 

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Verifi Smart Safe Biometric Gun Safe

If you need a solid gun safe to store 1 or 2 handguns on your bedside table. You should not look further than the Verifi Smart Safe Biometric Gun Safe ($344.88). 

The safe uses a large-area capacitive fingerprint sensor, which allows for quick access.  The interiors are carpeted for extra protection, and the door features an auto locking mechanism.  


The safe automatically performs a set of self-diagnostic tests every 24 hours. Thus, you don’t have to worry the battery, the locking mechanisms or the fingerprint sensor. 

The safe also keeps a log of all unauthorized access requests and tamper alerts.


In our opinion, the safe should have featured a mechanical keypad.

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Hornady RAPiD Safe Night Guard


Hornady RAPiD Safe Night Guard

The Hornady RAPiD Safe Night Guard ($ 234.99) safe is the perfect way to keep you gun hidden in plain sight. The safe is designed to look exactly like a bedside alarm clock and USB charging station. This makes the safe extremely discreet. 

Just like all other Hornady safes, it features a quick access RFID locking system. There is a keypad and an override key as well for entry along with the RFID system. 

The whole safe is pry resistant and made out of 14 gauge steel. 


A functioning alarm clock and changing station makes it a very convenient bedside safe. 

The spring assist drawer box is very quiet, and the interiors are padded for extra protection. 


The safe is only big enough to store one standard handgun. 

Stack-On QAS-1514-B

The Stack-On QAS-1514-B ($237.87) is the most portable bedside handgun safe on our list. It is designed to fit comfortably between a bed and a night stand, allowing for very quick access. 

The safe can only store one standard handgun in a pre-formed foam pistol rack. Although this configuration makes the weapon  easily accessible, it doesn’t leave much room to store other valuables.

The fingerprint lock is standard and can store up to 20 fingerprints.


The safe is very practical for home defense scenarios, when you need your firearm quickly. 

It ships with brackets that allow mounting directly on walls, beds or nightstands very convenient.


If you are looking for flexibility with storage items, then this is not the safe for you.  

Bedside Long Gun Safes

Sometimes you might need to store long guns next to your bed. In that case, we recommend these two options for your consideration. 



The bigger brother of the MS series, the VAULTEK RS ($1299.99) is a perfect solution to store long guns close to your bed. 

With a height of 4.5 feet, it might be a bit of an eyesore if you place it directly next to you bed. But, placing it inside a closet in your bedroom can makes it very discreet. 

The Vaultek RS is a fully smart safe, with Wi-Fi connectivity and all features that comes with it. The safe is big enough to store up to 7 rifles and other miscellaneous stuff. 

The safe also features advanced anti-theft protection features. These include 4 solid licking bolts, anti-pry bars, and shock resistant interior hinges. 


The smart safe features allows complete control using a phone. Plus, you can track the internal temperature and humidity of the safe. This is a very important feature for expensive long gun owners.


For the price, Vaultek should have included more accessories, other than the standard handgun holders and barrel mounts.

ShotLock Shotgun Solo Vault

The ShotLock Shotgun Solo Vault (217.86) is not really a gun safe. But, given how it can be used to discreetly store a shotgun or a long gun in the bedroom, we decided to include it in our list. 

The Solo Vault can positioned any which way you prefer. The safe can be mounted on the headboard, on the inside wall of a closet or directly on a wall next to your bed. Either way, it will provide quick access to your long gun when needed. 


Fully mechanical keypad lock with very little moving parts, allowing for reliable access. 

Comes in various types, to mount handguns, shotguns or AR-15 style rifles. 


The Solo Vault is definitely not theft proof, but then again that’s not its use case.


Be it for your small handgun or a long gun, bedside gun safes are a very important aspect of home defense. 

As this list demonstrates, there are enough options in the market to suit your specific needs. Size, safety, extra features or price, there is always a safe out there for you! 


What is the best bedside gun safe?

The SentrySafe QAP1BLX Bedside Gun Safe ($229.99) is a perfect bedside handgun safe. Its compact design will allow you to keep it inside the drawer of a nightstand, or inside a cabinet.

How to open a bedside gun safe if no key?

Most safe companies will have a key replacement program. You would need to find your safe’s exact model number, contact the safe company, and they should send you an override key. 

Where do I keep the gun safe in the bedroom?

Bedside and on top of the nightstand is great for quick access to firearms. Inside drawers and closets can also be used to store bigger safes. 

What are the best biometric bedside gun safe?

Some of the best biometric bedside gun safes are: 

What is the best quick access gun safe?

Some of the best quick access gun safes are: 

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