Reviews of the Best Winchester Gun Safes 2021

The Winchester Company is a well-renowned brand when it comes to all things relating to ammunition. The American brand has been around for more than a hundred years, so their popularity comes as no surprise. They also receive a lot of positive reviews online, which encourages potential customers to patronize them. When looking for a good Winchester gun safe to buy, you might be flooded with many options, which would leave you a bit overwhelmed. Not to worry, we compiled a list of the best Winchester gun safe reviews to help you narrow your choices.

Biometric safe: Winchester 3.0 Pistol Safe

For people looking for a safe that uses fingerprints instead of mechanical or electrical locking systems, this Winchester 3.0 pistol safe is the right choice. It can house hand-held guns, it cannot be easily scratched, and the fingerprint mechanism is quite easy to set up. 

Pros: The fingerprint sensor is sensitive and will detect your fingerprint in a matter of seconds.

Cons: It becomes unresponsive when the power cord is removed.

Winchester 24 Gun Safe

This Winchester 24 gun safe comes armed with a heavy steel door, so you can be sure no one will break into it easily. The safe gives users the option to choose between an electric and mechanical lock system, as it comes fitted with both. It is fire-resistant, enduring high fire temperatures for more than half an hour, and has moveable shelves.

Pros: The safe can be organized to accommodate other things such as valuables.

Cons: Electronic keypad easily malfunctions.

Winchester 26 Gun Safe

For anyone looking for a Winchester ranger gun safe, we would recommend this Winchester 26 gun safe. Why?  Apart from being fire resistant and having a door that can open a full 180 degrees, this safe makes it difficult for anyone who knows its contents by its complete steel body.

Pros: Good combination of deadbolts for extra security.

Cons: The safe might lock you out and refuse to open.

Winchester ts 26-45 Gun Safe

Looking for a gun safe that you can put into limited space? This Winchester ts 26-45 gun safe can enter into any space because of its small dimensions. It is fire-resistant, has layers of steel and sheetrock, and comes with the potion of a mechanical lock or an electrical one.

Pros: Have multiple shelves to allow you to customize storage the way you want.

Cons: The electronic keypad stops working at times and can be difficult to replace. 

Winchester ts-9-EFL Gun Safe

At 200 pounds, this Winchester ts-9-EFL gun safe is quite light and is highly recommended for those who move about with their guns from time to time.  The safe is suitable for the storage of long-range guns, as it can hold up to 10 at once. The Templeton Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe can serve as a close substitute as the Winchester ts-9-EFL gun safe  is currently not available.

Pros: Shelves make it easy for a lot of items to fit in.

Cons: The safe stops working abruptly, parts are hard to replace since production has stopped.

Winchester Bandit 10 gun safe

This Winchester Bandit 10 gun safe is equipped with fireboards to protect your ammunition from any fire attack. This gun safe is easy to open as it comes with a single lever but hard to break into with the four security bolts. This safe is currently unavailable, however, the Moutec Quick Access Fingerprint Long Gun Safe is a great alternative.

Pros: Comes with a door that can be organized to give more space.

Cons: The lifetime warranty usually does not hold.

Winchester 12 Gun Safe

If you want a portable safe, we advise you to go with this Winchester 12 gun safe. Its compact dimensions give it the ability to be fixed into small spaces. It comes with a steel door and a removable front door, which reduces its weight considerably, in case it needs to be carried.

Pros: Safe can be used in offices because of its deign

Cons: An easier target for thieves and burglars.

Winchester Silverado 23-11 Gun Safe

This Winchester Silverado 23-11 gun safe boasts five different fireboards, giving it a higher fire rating than other safes. It is recommended for places prone to fire and can accommodate a Winchester ts-22 gun. The safe also comes with a locker and 12 different bolts that lock in the four cardinal directions for additional security.

Pros: More fire-resistant than other safes.

Cons: Hard to install, best suited for only experts.

Winchester 54 Gun Safe

Weighing 1000 pounds and containing 12 gauge of steel, we have to recommend this Winchester 54 gun safe if you have many long-range weapons you want to keep all at one place, as it can take 68 of them simultaneously. It can also be used to keep Winchester gun safe accessories.

Pros: It comes with a titanium disk, making it a good choice for a lot of ammunition. 

Cons: The product is not usually what it is presented as in pictures.

Winchester 18 Gun Safe

If you are looking for a safe that can hold a medium amount of long-range guns, one safe to check out is this Winchester 18 gun safe, as it can hold 18 guns. It is also resistant to drilling, making it difficult for robbers.

Pros: It is eligible for free delivery and replacement.

Cons: spoils easily, and a replacement is hard to come by.

Why it is Important to Have Gun Safes

Given how heavy and expensive it is to get a gun safe, you might be wondering if it is important for you. Well, if you do not want your children or anyone at home playing with your guns and ammunition, a gun safe is the best option. In the event of a break-in, gun safes also protect your weapons from harmful people like thieves, keeping you and your home safe.


The list above gives you the features, pros, and cons of the best Winchester gun safes you can lay your hands on, all at a glance. We hope this helped you make a selection and answered all your questions. If you enjoyed reading this article, please leave a comment below.

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